Located in the Hefei of Anhui province, city of China Science and Education, Hefei Top Grand Energy Technology Co., Ltd closes to the Oriental Pearl Tower-Shanghai, with superior geographical position and convenient transportation. In almost 6 years’ development, our Top Grand team has been building products with excellent performance employing the most advanced technologies. Our independently developed disc coreless Permanent Magnet Generator series, from 300W to 270KW, and the maximum capacity of 270KW was originated in China. They are widely used inwind power,diesel power, hydropower and other fields, which have low rated speed, low starting wind speed, small volume, less energy consumption, light weight, compact structure, high efficiency and many other features.Therefore,the productsare exported to Europe, North America, Africa, Southeast Asia and others, meanwhile have got full satisfaction and high praise of customers. Anyway, Top Grand team will do more and better works in the next days, and provide a continuous supply of good quality and professional service to customers worldwide.

The disc coreless Permanent Magnet Generator, mainly using high-performance rare earth NdFeB permanent magnet materials as the rotormaterial, coreless, anhysteresis, slotless, adopting unique coreless precision winding technology designs precision coil, using rare earthpermanent magnet materials, which is multipole, mean gap, high power density and power output. Meanwhile, it is low speed direct driving, without torque fluctuations, compact structure and high volume power ratio. No iron loss, low calorific value, small temperature rise, simple structure, easy to install, the brushless structure and free maintenance, the disc coreless Permanent Magnet Generator is the upgrading and updating of speed-regulating motor, which keeps all the advantages of the traditional DC motors, and overcomes the defects of the carbon brush and slip ring structure complexity and high failure rate.